A relationship with water is indispensable to the history of YAMAMOTO.
The origin is the Onomichi Suido (Channel).
The shipbuilding technology that gave buoyancy to steel was applied to washing machines. The spirit of challenge started with
commercial washing machines and evolved into laundry washing machines.
Since then, Japan’s cleanliness has been supported through the development of large-sized washers, towel folders, dryers, etc.

Founder Takuji Yamamoto started business under the name of Yamamoto Iron Factory
in Kurihara-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima.

Completed the first phase of the Chojagahara Plant construction work.

Relocated the headquarters to Chojagahara in line with plant expansion.

Shohei Yamamoto named representative director.

Entered the linen supply industry.

Established “Yamamoto Japan,” a local corporation in the U.S. state of Kansas.

Established “Vega Systems Japan” in alliance with Vega, a machinery manufacturer in Holland.

Renovated the offices of the headquarters.